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About me

I am Björn Ruytenberg, MSc student in Computer Science and Engineering at TU/e and RU. Being a technology enthusiast, I hold a BSc in Electrical Engineering as well as Computer Science (cum laude). Currently, I am writing my MSc thesis, which will include my work on Thunderspy. Aside from my studies, I enjoy participating in bug bounty programs. My vulnerability research mainly focuses on hardware and firmware security, as well as sandboxing technology and input validation in widely deployed enterprise products. Previously, I have been a teaching assistant for Parallelization, Compilers and Platforms (5LIM0) and Networks and Security (3USU0).

You can get in touch with me by email at bjorn bjornweb nl (PGP; previous key) and Twitter (@0Xiphorus).


Security vulnerabilities

I report security vulnerabilities whenever I find them. Some are listed below:


My blog is a collection of writeups on some security vulnerabilities I've found. Here are the most recent entries:


My profile on GitHub is where I publish projects I've been working on. Some projects you might find interesting:


Whenever I have an urge to drop a file somewhere, I usually do this in my files section.